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let me read you a story...

We all know that sleep comes when you're not trying to fall asleep. Many use sleep meditation as a way of calming the mind. However, not everyone enjoys meditation. This is why I decided to also offer bedtime stories on my YouTube channel and my podcast as an alternative for those who just can't meditate. Bedtime stories for grown ups can offer a pleasant distraction for your mind to focus on rather than your usual worries and anxious thoughts that keep you lying awake at night.

As a child, you may have experienced that wonderful feeling of security while being lulled to sleep by a comforting voice reading you a bedtime story. For those who may not have had that type of childhood experience, listening to at bedtime story can help nurture your inner child and can be healing. Either way, bedtime stories can feel nurturing while helping you unwind and relax at the end of the day so you can can ease into a restful night sleep. 


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