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As the modern world gets more and more complex, we all need a soft place to land, a quiet space for comfort where we feel safe to unwind, relax and let go. Whether we need a restful night's sleep or some relaxation to help us feel calmer mentally and physically, Joanne D'Amico from the YouTube channel relax for a while provides this soothing space. Whether a calming bedtime tale, a full length audiobook, or a guided sleep relaxation, Joanne will help you feel relaxed so you can drift off peacefully to sleep.


what viewers are saying

"How wonderful to get in from another stressful day at work and receive this notification. I actually recommend your channel to my colleagues and clients. You have truly helped me to accept that I need to rest and embrace peaceful sleep. Thank you does not seem enough".


"Joanne! Thank you for sharing this. You are so sensitive and caring to all of us! So grateful for you and this channel".


"Joanne thank you for your "relax for a while YouTube channel! It's made my quality of life better in so many ways. This will tuck me in tonight".


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