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The Beam is a simple self-care relaxation tool created by Nimbleback Inc. that can help relax your body and mind with some simple stretching, deep breathing and meditation. With just 10 minutes a day, the Beam can help ease back pain and discomfort while offering deep restorative relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.  

​The Beam

Free Guided Meditation

Go ahead and listen to this meditation right now while stretching on the Beam!

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Also available for download down below.

If you liked the meditation feel free to download so you can listen offline anytime! 

Light and portable and easy for travel! Use the Beam at home, work, at the gym, yoga, on a plane or in the car. Use it on the floor, against the wall or in a chair.  The Beam is offered in either a firm or softer density depending on your needs and preference. With just 10 minutes of simple stretching, deep breathing and meditation, the Beam can help you release...relax...restore...

Check out this little video to see how The Beam works!


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