The Beam is one of my favorite self-care relaxation tools because it allows me to enjoy a soothing restorative stretch while gravity does all the work. I rest on the Beam for 10 minutes while I relax and focus on my breath. The more I let go...the more my body sinks into the Beam. As my body relaxes and gives way to gravity, the Beam begins to exert very gentle pressure on the muscles that surround my spine. This gentle pressure is what helps the muscles release and relax. As I continue to rest on the Beam my shoulders fall back and my chest opens. I breathe more deeply which also helps me relax. It's that simple and easy to use! I really enjoy my quiet time on the Beam and I use it every evening and mornings too! The Beam is constructed of foam material that supports the spine safely. I chose the softer density for my own preferred comfort level. For more information on The Beam, you can check out the Nimbleback website. It is very informative and has a lot of useful information there. 

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What is The Beam & Why I Love It!

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