Chakra Healing & Yoga Nidra Guided Sleep Meditation MP3

Chakra Healing & Yoga Nidra Guided Sleep Meditation MP3


Fall asleep with this chakra healing and yoga nidra guided sleep meditation. This healing meditation will begin with a powerful chakra balancing visualization that will help open, re-balance and realign all of your 7 chakras, followed by a deeply restful yoga nidra body scan yogic meditation. The goal of this guided meditation is to help you regain a sense of "wholeness", bringing your body, mind and spirit back into harmony as you ease into a deeply restful sleep. You will wake up feeling balanced and refreshed as you begin a brand new day. You can use this beautiful guided sleep meditation to help you fall asleep fast & reliably each and every night.  Doing yoga nidra before bed helps release all stress and tension from your day, allowing you to attain a deep quality sleep that is restful, restorative and rejuvenating. 

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