Soothing Guided Meditation & Hour Long Sleep Talk Down with Rain Sounds MP3


If you can't relax after a difficult day once you've slipped under the covers, good quality sleep is bound to be elusive. Let this extremely soothing hypnotic sleep meditation with rain sounds and soothing voice lull you to sleep. This hour long sleep meditation is gentle and slow and takes you to a restful place that is calm and quiet and where you feel safe and supported. Let the reassuring words, hypnotic sounds and soothing female voice lead you softly to a relaxed state so you can find sleep easily. Let yourself rest deeply in this peaceful safe space, feeling safe and secure as you gently fall fast asleep. The soothing guided sleep talk down with gentle background rain and thunder sounds helps guide you for over 1 hour of gentle soft spoken word so you fall asleep before the narration ends. The little rain drop gently held and supported by the soft petal in the thumbnail image of this video, symbolizes how you will be held ever so gently during this soothing hypnotic meditation, feeling safe and supported so you can drift off blissfully.

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