Personalized audio requests must be approved prior to  purchase.  Go ahead and send a request now.

Personalized Relaxation Audios

Downloadable MP3 versions of the guided meditations featured on my YouTube channel.

Personalized Relaxation MP3 Audio  30 min
$65.00 (CAD)​

Allow me to create for you a personalized relaxation audio that you can listen to again and again! During the voice over I will use  your name so that it will feel as though I am right there beside you.

You must  contact me PRIOR to purchasing your personalized audio as we need to  discuss the details of the type of experience you would like me to create for your personalized relaxation audio. Once your request has been approved,  you may then send payment. Please note that the main purpose of these audio requests are for relaxation and as a sleep aid. Any requests made that are sexual, erotic or inappropriate in any way will be ignored and will NOT be honored. 

Sleep Meditations

Relax for a while
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