Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups

These bedtime stories featured below are some of the bedtime stories available to listen on the

Relax For A While YouTube channel. Bedtime stories for adults have become very popular in helping those who suffer from insomnia or sleepless nights to fall asleep.  Go ahead and give it a try now if you want :)

WARNING: These are vintage fairy tales and folk tales may contain violence and language that can be considered offensive in our modern day. These stories do not have the same endings as the Disney versions and in fact the ending may not even be the typical "happy ever after" ending that modern day fairy tales have. These are not children bedtime stories but sleep stories for adults who enjoy podcasts, audio books and stories to help them relax and unwind at bedtime for sleep.  These stories are not recommended for children or anyone who may have a sensitive nature. 

version without music

version with music

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