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ASMR Triggers

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It refers to a phenomenon which is very difficult to explain to those who do not experience it. ASMR is a relaxing tingling in the scalp and back of the neck that can extend into the rest of the body triggered by certain sounds, or visuals. ASMRtists create videos using the most common ASMR triggers to help induce this delicious tingly sensation for the viewers enjoyment and relaxation.

What is ASMR?

Experiences that induce this tingly sensation are called triggers.  Some examples of triggers include:

Benefits of ASMR

People watch ASMR videos to help them relax, reduce stress and to help them fall asleep. Many also watch ASMR videos to help them ride out a panic attack, decrease anxiety,  insomnia, loneliness, depression and even hypertension.  I often receive letters from viewers who also use ASMR videos to help them in their recovery from substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and even PTSD.  At present, there are research studies being done to help validate the benefits of ASMR.  Some researchers feel that ASMR affects the brain in the same way that meditation does in that it helps reduce emotional reactivity, anxiety, fear and worry.  However, ASMR is difficult to research because the experience is subjective and varies from person to person. At the moment, there are several ASMR biological studies being researched and I truly believe that some day, ASMR will be an evidence-based therapy similar to meditation, relaxation techniques and talk therapy to help those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. 

To learn more about the science of ASMR feel free to visit the ASMR University. 

To listen and sample some of my popular ASMR videos be sure to visit my ASMR Gallery!

  • listening to someone speaking softly or whispering
  • sounds such as tapping, crinkling, scratching, or unwrapping packages
  • having your hair brushed, or getting a haircut
  • having your face and scalp lightly touched or massaged
  • receiving personal nurturing attention such as in a spa, beauty salons, healers, caring friend/parent/partner or medical examinations