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anxiety relief & PMR

When you experience anxiety, the body responds with several physical reactions. One way the body responds is with muscle tension. Tense muscles send a message alerting the brain that the body is stressed which keeps the cycle of stress and muscle tension continuing. 


Progressive muscle relaxation (aka PMR) is a relaxation technique that helps break this cycle by eliciting deep muscle relaxation. Deep physical relaxation leads to mental calmness making progressive muscle relaxation an effective relaxation strategy for both stress and anxiety. Studies also show that PMR is a great natural sleep aid that helps people fall asleep.


Whether you want anxiety relief, to release muscle tension, or to simply relax, click on the video below and give this relaxation technique a try!

progressive muscle relaxation



This really does work, no idea how and don't care because it gets rid of my anxiety. Thank you so much!


We use this in one of the groups at the hospital. Now I use it every day at home to help me relax. Love this one.


This is so good for my mental/physical health, seriously thank you!


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