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When I'm not recording

I work in the medical health profession. I initially started my career as a Registered Nurse. After 12 years, I decided to change career although still in the medical health field. I went back for more training and now I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist. I've been in private practice seeing clients from my home based massage studio for over 19 years and I love what I do!

​When I'm not working

I love nature walks, yoga, reading, car rides with my husband John and spending time with my family.

Why I create sleep meditations on YouTube

Easy answer! I love love love to help people relax! It's just who I am.That is what led me into Massage Therapy and then eventually into recording Guided Relaxation and Sleep Meditations on YouTube. I've been creating recordings on YouTube since 2013. My channel now has over 49,000 subscribers and I am truly grateful for each and everyone of my viewers!

​Meet Joanne!

Hello! I've been creating guided meditations for sleep

on YouTube since 2013!

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