Hello! I am Joanne and I am an ASMRtist.  I've experienced ASMR all of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember feeling tingles in the back of my head and scalp whenever it was story time at school.  I just loved 

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​ the sound of the teacher's soft voice and of the pages turning as she read the story while we all sat quietly listening.  I also used to experience ASMR tingles when watching the teacher write on the chalk board.  The sound of the tapping chalk while the teacher slowly wrote out the lesson would send tingles down the length of my spine! These are just two examples of the many different ASMR experiences I had while growing up and I continue to experience ASMR to this day!

In 2013, I uploaded my very first guided relaxation video on YouTube.  My channel slowly began to grow as I continued to upload guided relaxation and meditation videos on a regular basis.  Eventually some of my viewers started requesting that I do ASMR videos because they found my voice very relaxing. At the time I had no idea what ASMR was so I decided to do some research.  After watching several ASMR videos on YouTube by Maria of Gentle Whispering, who is commonly known as the queen of ASMR, I soon discovered that I had been experiencing ASMR all my life but didn't know that that's what it was! Soon after, I decided to upload my very first ASMR video onto my channel and the rest is history. My YouTube channel now features both ASMR and Guided Relaxation videos :)

So please feel free to browse my website! If this is your first time hearing about ASMR, feel free to visit my ASMR page and Gallery to learn more about it. You can also explore my Guided Relaxation page and Gallery if you are looking for more of the traditional style of guided relaxation.  So...take your time and enjoy your visit here. If you have any questions, comments or have a video request you'd like to make, please don't hesitate to contact me!  

Peaceful tingles,