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This is Joanne :) I am a relaxation voice artist and creator of the YouTube channel Relax For A While. My voice has been described by many as comforting, nurturing and extremely soothing. Listen for yourself to this sample guided meditation and let me know what you think :-)







As the modern world becomes more and more complex, we all need more than ever, a quiet space for comfort and reassurance.  A soft place to land at the end of the day. Sometimes all we need is a kind gentle voice that reminds us that everything is going to be OK! This is the feeling that I aim to create from my guided meditations. I promise to create high-quality recordings that provide the listener with a quiet soothing respite. Each meditation is lovingly created to help the listener feel safe and at ease, as I gently guide them into a deep state of inner peace, relaxation and restful sleep.


I offer a safe comfort zone through my blog where I share my guided meditations, relaxation tips, and offer words of comfort, and reassurance. By sharing my own struggles, I feel this will give others permission to share and acknowledge their own challenges. I hope my comfort zone will help my readers and listeners feel a sense of connection while helping them understand their own reality better. 

Relax Release Unwind - Joanne D'Amico
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What started off in 2013 as a platform for me to simply share my guided meditations, slowly over time grew into a supportive community with over 56,000 subscribers and over 5.5 million views! Many of my listeners come to my channel seeking comfort, reassurance and relaxation as I help them feel safe, and peaceful so they can fall asleep feeling at ease. New guided meditations uploaded each and every week! Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss out!

When Not Recording

I am a registered nurse and a licensed massage therapist in private practice serving clients in my home-based massage therapy studio.


Whether using my voice in audio or my hands in massage, my greatest passion is helping people relax and feel peaceful!