RELAX FOR A WHILE brings you Joanne D'Amico's soothing voice that is available for download as she guides you through various relaxation techniques that will leave you feeling  peaceful and calm.  As you listen to Joanne's soothing voice along with the peaceful background music, you  will embark on a journey where your body, mind and spirit will be transported into a deep state of relaxation.


Self guided relaxation may sometimes be difficult because we often become easily distracted and sidetracked.  On the other hand , guided relaxation can be a wonderful solution to this problem because your relaxation experience will be led by a teacher or guide. This can be in a class setting with a teacher present or in the form of a digital product such as a CD, audio download, or video such as on YouTube. The wonderful news about the digital form is that you can kick back and enjoy your relaxation experience in the comfort of your own home!


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